P&O News 7 July 2015

Pilot e-recruitment

There has for a long time been a need within Leiden University to support the selection and recruitment procedure digitally. The process currently consists of manual actions performed by different people. There is a possibility to completely digitise the process by using an e-recruitment system, from advertising the vacancy to the final choice of candidate.

Purchasing an e-recruitment system offers several advantages. For instance, the selection process will be clear and professional, which will be beneficial for the applicant. Dealing with respondents will become more organised and efficient, which will save administrators and departments time in handling vacancies. Furthermore, the recruitment system gives an immediate insight into the progress of the recruitment procedures for a vacancy. Digitally processing data on the recruitment procedure will also provide insight into, for instance, the effectiveness of various recruitment channels that we are using.

Faculty of Social Sciences pilot environment
Before they started implementing an e-recruitment system, the Human Resource Management (HRM) department conducted a study of the recruitment processes within the University. The aim was to map out the way the processes currently work. This gave a very mixed picture, showing that roles and tasks were allocated and performed in different ways, and are felt to be too time-consuming. The decision was taken to start running a pilot for the implementation of the SAP e-recruitment system 'Success Factors by SAP' at the Faculty for Social Sciences (FSW). There are several reasons why FSW is a suitable pilot environment: the way in which the work is currently carried out, the number of vacancies it has, their spread and a desire from FSW itself to start using a digital recruitment system.

Going live on 13 July
A focus group consisting of different users based in the faculty in conjunction with the departments HRM and Functionality Management (FB) has tested the system, adjusted it and re-tested it. The pilot will go live on 13 July. This means that all internal and external applicants who click on a vacancy at FSW on the 'Working at' site, are automatically redirected to the new digital environment. They can read the vacancy description there and apply. The pilot will run to the end of this year. After that, the user results will be used to review whether implementation for the entire University is desirable. All other vacancies will be displayed in the current format on our vacancy site and the application procedure will take place in the same way it has done up to now.

Staff association: Programme up to December 2015

The staff association has drawn up another varied programme, ranging from workshops to trips abroad. For more information, please visit the staff association homepage (in Dutch).

Programme of staff association activities (September-December 2015)

  • 11 September: Day trip to Antwerp
  • 16 September: Wine & Dine Evening
  • 26 September: Workshop Paverpol
  • 6 October: Trip to Turkey
  • 20 October: Autumn centrepiece workshop
  • 10 November: First Aid workshop
  • 17 November: Workshop: Making a Chocolate initial
  • 26 November: Workshop: Making a chocolate Christmas cottage workshop
  • 1 December: Christmas cooking
  • 10 December: Christmas centrepiece workshop
  • 11-13 December: Christmas trip to Canterbury
  • 18 December: Christmas buffet

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