P&O News 30 June 2015

Changes in the Work and Care Act (WAZO) as of 1 July 2015

As of 1 July 2015, the Work and Care Act (WAZO) has undergone some changes regarding short-term and long-term carer’s leave. The WAZO is intended to facilitate combining work with other responsibilities.

As of 1 July 2015, the circle of people for whom you are entitled to take carer’s leave has been extended. In addition to your partner, parents and children, you can now also apply for carer’s leave for second-degree relatives (grand-children, grand-parents, brothers and sisters). In addition, long-term carer’s leave is no longer exclusively reserved for care for the terminally ill; you can also request long-term carer’s leave to care for someone who is ill or in need. Long-term carer’s leave is still unremunerated.

For more information, see the P&O page on carer's leave (in Dutch).

(30 June 2015)

Last Modified: 03-07-2015