P&O News 28 April 2015

Feedback on Staff Survey 2015

Last month via the staff survey you had the opportunity to give your opinion about working at our University via the staff survey.  Is your work challenging enough, or maybe too challenging, are you able to balance your working life and your private life, are you satisfied with the facilities offered by the University, about the people running the institutes and faculties?  The staff survey asked for your opinion on these and other issues. 

Enough respondents
More than half of you (54%) completed the questionnaire. The data from the completed forms is enough to make good analyses at all levels. The study is being conducted by an independent research agency IVA Onderwijs that works closely with Tilburg University.

And now?
The final report is expected in the course of June. This is also when the summary of the findings will be available for those who indicated that they would like to receive a copy. All those who took part in the survey will receive a link to the internet tool with all the scores for their department and for the University as a whole. The findings will then be put to the managers, the University Council and the local representative bodies.

Last Modified: 09-06-2015