P&O News 6 May 2015

Automatic notification for registering work for third parties

University staff, particularly professors, who work for or with third parties generally attract a high level of public interest. This is one of the reasons why all Dutch universities have paid a lot of attention to properly registering all these activities.

Leiden University is no exception: we, too, have been working hard to bridge the gaps in our registration system. One of the results of these efforts in 2014 was a new digital application that makes it easy to register work for third parties

Digital registration tool
A digital registration tool has now been developed to ensure the University’s database is kept up-to-date efficiently. From now on, all staff members will be sent an e-mail once per year, in which they are asked to check the current entries in the University’s database of work for third parties. If it contains mistakes or outdated information, the employee can correct the entries with the minimum of effort.

Given the publicity professors tend to generate, a special task has been added to the work list in Self Service to keep track of their work for external parties. This task will ask professors to confirm or alter registrations. These notification e-mails will be sent in the near future.

Seminar on Evidence-based Education Reform: from Policy to Practice

The ‘Leiden Teaching Expertise Network’ is organising a seminar on June 4 that completely revolves around activating teaching, the teaching plan and our teaching efforts. This afternoon is aimed at all teaching professionals attached to Leiden University and the LUMC.

For this inaugural seminar, a programme has been developed that seeks to expand the knowledge of our teachers and to promote knowledge exchange between them. Professor Jos Beishuizen, Professor of Educational Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, will provide input for discussions through a lecture on ‘Teaching principles in higher education’.

What is the ‘Leiden Teaching Expertise Network’?
The Leiden Teaching Expertise Network is a new initiative by and for teaching staff at Leiden University that aims to improve and stimulate the growth and exchange of knowledge among the University’s staff. Teaching staff within the University have a common purpose, but are spread throughout the many faculties, institutes, programmes an innovation centres as well as at ICLON. By working to broaden the shared basis of teaching knowledge and by learning from each other’s experiences and expertise, the University’s staff can help achieve a common goal: to provide excellent education in all the programmes available at Leiden University.

Date: 4 June, 13.00-17.00 hrs
Target group: Teaching staff at Leiden University and the LUMC
Register: Seminar on Evidence-based Teaching Innovation: from policy to practice

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