P&O News 10 February 2015

New rules for the use of ICT and Internet

The new regulations on the use of ICT and Internet have now come into force. The new regulations replace the ICT Code of Conduct of 2006, which was severely outdated and no longer matched the current procedures. 

The new regulations in short:

  • The regulations consist of rules regarding the use of the ICT and Internet facilities made available by Leiden University to its employees, students, hired personnel, guests, and other parties in a contractual relation with the University.
  • The regulations oversee the responsible use of ICT facilities and Internet and the way in which this use can be monitored.

  • The regulations also describe what behaviour will not be tolerated, and the consequences of such behaviour. Examples include behaviour that might cause harm to the University, its students or staff members, behaviour that is not socially acceptable, and/or behaviour that is illegal.

  • Just as is the case for the law in general, although you should be informed of the regulations, you will in practice probably already know what is acceptable and what is not. The University works on the basis of trust, and we will not be monitoring your online behaviour. We will only take action if we have cause to do so, for instance following a report by one of your colleagues or fellow students.

  • If anyone makes misuse of your own resources or engages in unlawful behaviour, you are required to report this fact. Report misuse of your resources to the ISSC Helpdesk  (by telephone or locally) or your ICT Coordinator. Unlawful behaviour on the part of your colleagues should be reported to your direct supervisor or to the confidential counsellor.

For whom?

These regulations apply to all students, internal and external employees, guests and school pupils who make use of the University ICT facilities.

Regulations on the use of ICT and Internet

New range of HRM training courses

A new range of HRM training courses is about to start. A selection of the courses available is listed below. 

Effective influence, without power
Starting date: 10 March 2015  

The art of communication  
Starting date: 19 March 2015  

SharePoint, module 1
Starting date: 12 March 2015 

Effective communication
Target group: PhD candidates
Language of instruction: English
Starting date: 15 April 2015 

Read faster, remember better
Start date: 22 April 2015 

If you are interested in the training courses Academics and (social) media or Presenting for administrative and support staff, let us know via hrmopleidingen@bb.leidenuniv.nl.

You can find the complete range of courses on the website of the HRM training department.

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