News for Staff

Coming soon: a new website

Leiden University will shortly have a new website. What will change for internal and external visitors to the site? And for the web editors who work on the site?

Sign up for the teacher training courses of ICLON

ICLON offers training programmes that can support lecturers while they study for their BKO. These training courses are also suitable for lecturers who are not studying for their teaching qualification, but who simply want to gain a deeper understanding of one of these topics.

P&O News 23 June 2015

Business travel to high risk areas and/or in case of (imminent) disasters • Final report on staff survey available • Sign up now for the teacher training courses (autumn 2015)

Elections for the University Council: SGL catches up to LVS

During the student elections for the University Council, Studenten Groepering Leiden (SGL, Student Assembly Leiden) gained a seat and caught up to the Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (LVS, List Progressive Students). Both parties now have three seats in the council. The voter turnout for the elections was 21%.

P&O News 6 May 2015

Automatic notification for registering work for third parties • Seminar on Evidence-based Education Reform: from Policy to Practice

P&O News 7 April 2015

Personnel Monitor Reminder: Your opinion matters, so share it with us! • New version of BWNU 2014 and ZANU 2013 texts ratified