Calling in sick or better

Who do I need to notify if I am sick, and when I am better? And when?

Calling in sick

You call in sick by notifying your manager on the first day that you are sick, before 09.30 hours. You give an indication of the probable duration of your illness, whether or not you are staying at a different address and a telephone number where you can be reached. You also tell your manager what work you can still do and which appointments need to be delegated, moved or called off.
Your manager sends an email to:

In the absence of your manager, you need to notify the secretariat. You will then be called back as soon as possible by your manager or by his or her substitute. Your manager will make arrangements with you regarding your tasks and, based on the probable duration of the illness, decide on a date for a follow-up.


When you are better

  • You notify your work that you are better by calling your manager.
  • In the absence of your manager, you can notify the secretariat.
  • You should also inform your manager if your absenteeism rate changes.

Temporary personnel

If you are a temporary employee, you should notify the agency where you are hired and act according to the rules of this agency. Your manager at the university should also be notified.

Last Modified: 23-09-2016