Audit quality assurance in education at Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs

Leiden University was visited by an audit committee of the Dutch/Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) on 21 and 22 January.

This committee took a critical look at quality assurance in education. The committee ascertained whether the university has an effective system for guaranteeing the educational quality of its programmes.
To this end, the committee met with several boards such as the Board of Governors, the Executive Board, the University Council and the faculty boards. It also scheduled an open consultation hour for lecturers, students and supporting staff who wished to speak on the topic of quality assurance in education.
The committee was very positive on these meetings and explicitly praised the enthusiasm, involvement and efforts of the individuals it spoke to.

Personnel policy trail

The second part of the audit will take place in March. Committee members will then talk to lecturers, students, and supporting staff at the different programmes and departments.
On the basis of the January meetings the committee has made a selection of several different topics, known as trails, to be examined in more detail. One of these trails will take place at the Faculty Governance and Global Affairs. This is the personnel policy trail; more specifically personnel policy in relation to education, q.v. quality of education.

For this reason the audit committee will hold several meetings with the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, department administrations, relevant policy staff members and lecturers on 19 and 22 March. The Faculty may call on you for this purpose. In that case you have already been, or will soon be, informed.

More information

For the purpose of this institutional audit and trail the webpage Institutional Audit has been created where more information can be found. The ‘Institutional Audit Self-Assessment’ can be found here, which the Executive Board created in December 2012 as part of this procedure. The page also includes the January 2013 ‘Vision on Teaching: Key Themes’.

If you have any questions relating to this message, please contact the faculty contact person for the trail, J.M.C. (Jorien) Boesveld MA.

Last Modified: 07-01-2016