Inspirationlab: The Future of Money

What kinds of changes and developments can we expect to see in our financial and monetary system in the coming years?

The financial and monetary sector received a lot of attention in recent years. Most developed countries have suffered through one of the worst financial crises in recent history and - especially in the European Union and the United States - there have been extensive discussions and efforts concerning reforms in the financial sector. Some, including various professional economists, have suggested completely alternative monetary models. Interesting in this regard is the recent Swiss gold referendum, and the reintroduction of gold and silver as legal forms of money in several US states. At the same time, a potentially disruptive technological innovation to the financial and monetary system has come to the fore: Bitcoin. Although digital currencies like Bitcoin have both impassioned supporters and ardent detractors, one thing seems certain: the cryptocurrency ecosystem has grown rapidly. In 2014, for example, the sector attracted $335 million in start-up funding, while reputable companies such as Dell and Microsoft have begun accepting digital currencies as a form of payment.

What kinds of changes and developments can we expect to see in our financial and monetary system in the coming years? Speakers Dr. Jan-Willem Burgers and Edgar Wortmann share their visions on this future. 

Date: Thursday February 19th (17:00-18:00) 
Location: Living Lab, Schouwburgstraat 2, The Hague.
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About the speakers:

Dr. Jan-Willem Burgers: lecturer at VU University and owner of Coin & Company. Jan-Willem is an economist and a philosopher. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Australian National University in 2013 for his dissertation "Choice by Chance", which explores the important role chance mechanisms play in our distributional practices. Jan-Willem came across Bitcoin while writing his Ph.D. dissertation and, although initially sceptical of it as being anything more than "nerd money", now believes the innovation behind Bitcoin could turn out to be one of the most transformative ideas of our time. He currently lectures at VU University, and is actively involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem as the owner of Coin & Company, as well as through a number of other projects.

Edgar Wortmann: advisor at Stichting Ons Geld, and legal counsel at Elannet B.V.
Edgar is a legal counsel specialized in property law and committed as advisor of Stichting Ons Geld to reform the monetary and banking system. Stichting Ons Geld is one of the initiators of the Burgerinitiatief Geldschepping, which stirred up the debate about our current financial system. Previously, Edgar explored new utilities and was involved in the design and process descriptions of decentralized water chains, floating homes and fully self-sufficient residential areas. Edgar also works as an independent researcher at Elannet BV focusing on social innovation and was a guest-lecturer Urban Infrastructure at Wageningen University.

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